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6th November 2023

3 passages describing anointing of a beliver
1) 2 Corinthians 1:21
Speaks about the anointing of a child of God
*If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal saviour ,the Holy Spirit is dwelling in your spirit
So you are anointed!!
*1 John 2:20 But you have an anointing from the Holy One ,and you know all things!!
**If you are anointed ,then in your spirit, you know all things – not in your intelligence
*Knowledge of your intelligence is limited, but
*In your spirit, your knowledge is unlimited!!
You know all things!!
●So, how does one bring that knowledge to his practical life ?
The best way is to speak in other tounges!
•When you face confusion and are not sure of what to do , you might not know the right decision, but in your spirit, you know all things.
So speak in other tounges ,then that knowledge in the spirit will be transferred to your practical life ,then you will come to know what decision to take or what to do at that particular time
••●Likewise, the ‘Word of God ‘ knows all things
●●Hebrews Chapter 4 verse 12 ,13 — From these verses, we understand that the Word of God knows all things
●●The Word of God knows all things ,so the Word of God can discern the thoughts and intentions of your heart
●●So there are 2 weapons–Speak in other Tounges, because the spirit knows all things and also confess the Word of God
●●As both the Word and the Holy Spirit are in you , speak in other tounges and also confess the Word of God frequently!!
■■By Speaking in Other Tounges and confessing the Word of God, you can bring the knowledge in your spirit to your awareness!!
●●This, in turn, will help you make the right decision
●●1 John chapter 2: v27 speaks about anointing of a beliver
This is the third verse that speaks about the anointing of a beliver
●●The beliver is anointed!
■2 Corinthians 1:21 , 1 John 2:20 , 1 John 2:27
••This term anointing is an old Testament term , this term has been used only very few times in the New Testament
■In the Old Testament, we see that this term appears often in the Word of God
●●In the Old Testament, a person needed to be anointed to become a priest
■Oil was used to anoint
••It was used to anoint, kings, prophets
Oil was also used for cleansing
●When the lepper was healed, they used anointing oil
●■Exodus Chap 30 verse 23,24 speaks about anointing oil
■■Contents of the anointing oil are — liquid myrrh, cinnamon, cane, casia and olive oil—–These are the 5 things used to make anointing oil
●The number 5 represents grace!!
Numbers have certain meaning in the Bible
●●1 represents oneness ( God )
●●2 represents witness or agreement
●●3 represents trinity
●● 4 represents divine appointment
●● 5 represents grace
●● 6 represents man ,and that’s why the no of the antichrist is 666 and again 66 represents prophesy
●● 7 represents perfection ( during the dispensation of Grace )
●●But in eternity, the number for perfection is 12
●●12 and 7 are related in the sense that 3×4 =12 and 3+4=7
●● 8 stands for new beginnings —
**888 = Jesus Christ the redeemer
●● 9 represents power
●● 10 represents responsibility or completion
■In the Old Testament as we have seen, the anointing oil was a mixture of 4 spices and olive oil
●So in the Old Testament, the anointing happened physically, but in the NT anointing happens spiritually!!

●So in the New Testament anointing is a mixture of authority, power, presence and several other things,but the 3 mentioned above are most essential
■So when you say that you are anointed, you have the authority, you have power of the Holy Spirit, and also you carry the presence of God
●So further explaining these three
●1.Authority- is the right to rule— You receive authority from the Word of God or in other words you receive authority from Christ
●●In Mathew chapter 28:18 Jesus says, all authority has been given unto me in heaven and on earth
**So, who is the source of all authority– Christ
*If Christ is the source of authority, then who also is the source of all authority– the Word of God !! Since Christ is the Word of God!
■■How can you see Jesus?
Through the Word of God !
Now we don’t see Jesus Physically, but we see him each day through the Word of God.
■So the Word of God is the source of authority. You already carry authority!!
BUT if you want to bring it into manifestation in the physical relemn, depend on the word , dont go to other sources of information
■■An example is a experience shared by Pastor Paul Yonggi Cho – a woman in his congregation informed him that her husband who is a philosopher, would be attending the service, so Paul Yonggi Cho wanted to impress the philosopher and so started to study philosophy so that he could mix philosophy and the Word of God in order to impress the philosopher.
After the meeting, the philosopher, who was an old man,came to meet pastor Cho and told him that the philosophy you preached is very peripheral and in no way deep ,and is in no way impressive, it would be much better for you young preacher , to specialise in the Bible!!
This gave a totally new insight to Pastor Paul Yonggi Cho
**He understood that he need to focus on the Bible. there is no need to impress anyone, the Word will “fight for Itself ” !!
**You are supposed to preach the Word and the rest of the work will be done by the Word of God !
■So if you want to experience authority, authority is there in the Word of God
●●The source of authority is
the Word of God, so focus on the Word of God
Proverbs Chapter 24 verse 13 and 14
Your Hope will not be cut off
**Eat the Word of God like honey,
You will receive knowledge and wisdom for your soul and also your hope will not be cut off, which means you will definitely succeed
●●All of you are ministers of the Word of God and you are going to minister the Word of God, so focus on the Word of God and your hope will not be misplaced !!
■Again from where comes your authority, your authority is from the Word of God
●Also who is The source of authority? It’s Jesus Christ !
●And there is authority in anointing
Anointing is a mixture of authority, power and presence of God
■●Authority is actually the “right to rule “
●You are a ruler ! , and if you are a ruler then you have the right to rule and that right to rule is what is referred to as “authority “
●You have the right to rule in the kingdom or territory
■■Also in the anointing there is power
●Power is actually ability to rule
●one not only needs the right to rule but he also needs to have the ability to rule!
■A classic example of the above is a policeman who stands at the traffic junction with stop boards in the earlier days
●He had a stop sign in his hand and as he points the board in a particular direction all the drivers who see the sign, have to stop their vehicles then.
This has nothing to do with the physical strength of the police officer, it’s because the police officer has authority bestowed on him by the State Government
■In another example when a police man and a thief fight , the police man has authority to arrest him but the thief might still overpower the policeman
●So he needs power
●●So one needs both power and authority
● So here if one needs to win ,he needs power from the Holy Spirit
■■The source of authority is Jesus Christ
■■The source of power is the Holy Spirit
●●Jesus tells his desiples, you have received the authority, now tarry till you receive the power!!
■■This infact shows divine harmony
*God the Father , God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.
**There is a division of responsibilities
●●Here we notice that Jesus gives his desiples authority
But Jesus does not himself give them the power! , he infact tells them to wait until the Holy Spirit comes and then they shall receive power !!
■■ So source of power is the Holy Spirit and the source of authority is Jesus Christ !!

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