Holy Spirit

( 16th September 2023 )

When the Holy Spirit works in a person, the most important work of the Holy Spirit is to save that person .Salvation happens through the Holy Spirit. Nobody can say Jesus Christ is Lord except by the Holy Spirit.
1 Corinthians Chapter 12:3
So salvation can be called the first experience.
Salvation happens because of the Holy Spirit. It is written in John chapter 6 and verse no 63 that the Word of God is Spirit and Life.
So, on the day you heard the word ,accepted Jesus as Lord ,the word of God came into you, and the Word of God is Spirit and life (God kind of life).So when the Holy Spirit came into your Spirit & you became a new creation according to 1st Corinthians Chapter 5 and verse 17
You became a new creation, which means that the newly created Spirit is one that never existed before, and that is when you were saved, and this can be called the first experience and then there is second experience called baptism in the Holy Spirit.
There are 7 references in the Word of God about the baptism in the Spirit .
John the Baptist predicted about the baptism in the spirit in Matthew 3 and verse no 11, which is a prophetic reference .In all the Gospels ,Matthew, Mark Luke, John, in the beginning of the chapter itself, we find the work of the Holy Spirit.
Something that is referred to at the start of a book will always be something that has the most importance. All the Gospels start with the work of the Holy Spirit or references about the baptism in the spirit. So the Holy Spirit is the most important person in a Christians life who helps that person grow in his spiritual life.
There are several terms for the fullness of the Spirit
What do you actually mean by the fullness of the Spirit.
We are actually a Tricotomy,we have a Spirit, soul, and body.On the day of salvation, the Holy Spirit came into your Spirit and your spirit became the residence of the Holy Spirit and your spirit received God kind of life and in the second experience ie baptism of the Holy Spirit fills your soul and also your body. There are several terms for fullness of the Spirit. The first one is receiving the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:13), so the Holy Spirit is a gift
Ephesians 2:8 tells about grace, faith, and salvation.So all these 3 are God’s gifts,
Grace is a gift of God,
Faith is a gift of God,
Salvation is a gift of God,
Likewise, the Holy Spirit, too, is a gift of God
In Acts Chapter 2 and verse 38, it says that the Holy Spirit is a gift, and so we have to receive it.
For a gift, there should be a giver and a receiver. It is the responsibility of the recipient to receive the Gift.
So, a gift is defined as an offer and an acceptance.
A gift is not completed until someone receives that which is freely offered.
In Luke chapter 11, Jesus gives a parable about the experience of the Holy Spirit.
In Luke chapter 11, verses 9 and 10, he is telling us to ask , seek, and knock
These are the simple principles to receive the Holy Spirit
What does ask seek and knock signify it signifies desire
So, you need to develop a deep desire. Your hunger, your thirst, your desire is the measuring tool that indicates whether you deeply yearn for a spiritual growth.
30 years ago, when I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, I developed a deep desire. Its been 30 years now, and I still have the same deep desire, hunger, and thirst for more.
Another kingdom principle is ‘more ‘ . More is always available in the kingdom.
So there are several terms for the fullness of the Spirit
1st is Receving the spirit
2nd is being anointed with the spirit ,Acts 10 verse 38.
Anointing is an Old Testament word
In the Old Testament, the world Anointing is used in many places.
The meaning of Jesus is saviour
The meaning of Christ is messiah, the anointed one
The third name mentioned in the New Testament is Lord.
Lord in greek is “KYRIOS “
This term, Lord, is used 700 times in the New Testament.
Lord is equivalent to “YAHWEH’

7 references about baptism in the Spirit
Acts1:5, Matt 3:11, Mark 1:8. Luke 3:16, John 1:33
Acts 11:15-16
1Corin 12:13

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