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30th September 2023

Benefits of speaking in Tounges 1st Benefit – 1 Corinthians 14: 2 Speak to God
It gives one direct access to God !! 2nd Benifit :
No one else can understand this language
3rd Benifit
Speaking mystery
What is being spoken is infact a mystery !
It’s a mystery (Hidden wisdom) that only the Holy Spirit can reveal . 1 Corinthians Chap 2:7-10
No one else can unravel this secret !
▪Satan cannot understand this language
4th Benefit
•Rest and Refreshing
5th Benefit
●Presence of God
You can experience the presence of God ,when you start speaking in tongue (you can use this if ever you are feeling dry in the spirit)
6th Benefit
•Superior Language
We are speaking in a superior language
Languages we speak ordinarily in this world (natural languages) are, in fact, inferior languages Why are they Inferior languages? Because it can be used to cause hurt , curse, etc
Zechariah 3:9 “For then I will restore to the peoples a pure language,
The reason :
That they all may call on the name of the LORD, To serve Him with one accord.
●So the Lord has given this language so that all may call on the name of the Lord using this language
●So this language can be used to bring unity among the believers.
7th Benefit
Door to the Nations
Acts Chapter 2 : ” Doors to other nations were opened ” people of 15 nationalities were present there then,
when they spoke in tongues in Verse 9
First nation that is mentioned there is the Parthian Empire which extended even upto India.
So we see that even India is included here!
When they spoke in tongues doors to 15 nations were opened
When I first spoke in other tongues about 30 years ago, I spoke in the Nishi Language . About 5 years after this, I became a missionary among the nishi people in Arunachal Pradesh.
Much of my preaching then was among the Nishi community, !! So
as I was speaking in tongues ,the Holy Spirit was in-fact opening doors for me to Arunachal Pradesh!
8th Benifit :
Spiritual Empowerment

One must practice speaking in tongues for some time before going out to minister to someone. 1 Corinthians 14 Gives many revelations about speaking in tongues
Verse 2 – speaking to God
Verse 4- Edifies Himself
Edification brings empowerment
Verse 14 -this language originates from the Spirit, not from the mind !
So this enables you to do 2 things at a time
Example: you can do your office work with your intellect, and you can pray with your spirit Two things can be done simultaneously (You can multitask ! )
So in effect you can do more things than ordinary human beings.
Benefit 9 :
Speaking in tongues stimulates faith
When a person speaks in other Tongues he will learn how to trust God
Benefit 10
It edifies the speaker
It helps him to receive divine revelation
Ephesians chapter1: 17 : it will take you to a place where you will have spirit of wisdom and spirit of revelation
If you keep searching the Word of God you will keep finding more benefits of speaking in tongues
Golden Rule of speaking in tongues , 1 Corinthians 14:39 Do not forbid to speak with other Tongues
So if someone is speaking in other Tongues, do not forbid him
This is applicable to one’s self too !!
In New generation churches we see that they less publicly speak in tongues One ought not to remove speaking in other Tongues in public completely .
Different kinds of Tongues
Based on various studies we can divide tongues into different categories
1.Initial sign of baptism in the Holy Spirit
●Peter mentions in Acts 10:44
While Peter was still speaking, the Holy Spirit fell upon all who heard the word. The circumcised believers who had come with Peter were astounded that the gift of the Holy Spirit had been poured out even on the Gentiles, for they heard them speaking in tongues and extolling God.
●The Holy Spirit fell upon all
The Jewish people realised that the Gentiles had received the Gift of the Holy Spirit when they heard them speaking in tongues
●●●So the Gift of the tongues can be used to identify someone received the Holy Spirit
Acts 11 :5 As I began to speak the Holy Spirit fell on them as upon us in the beginning in Acts Chapter 2
Based on this we can say that tongue is a sign of the baptism of the Holy Spirit
●●■2nd type of tongues: Tongues of different languages
■When you speak a natural language” in the spirit” ,it becomes a superior language Acts Chapter 2 : Galileans speaking more than 15 languages.
Normally Galileans speaking Aramaic, and even the Aramaic they speak was considered inferior then.

Those Galileans began to speak 15 different languages!!
An example is my friend who did not know Hindi or Nepali, as God blessed and used him he started to speak both these languages fluently and even went on to write a small book in Nepalese !!
■●90 years ago , Hindi languages did not even exist
Urdu was the language of India
●●The Gift of languages is given to you so that you can easily learn new and local languages
3rd Type of tongues Tongues of Prayer
Rom 8:26
Jude 1:20 : praying in the Holy Spirit

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