Family is in fact something that can be called a heaven on the face of this earth
God instituted family so that a life similar to the one in heaven can be had on the face of this earth.
Pastor Finny Stephen Samuel got married to Sheeba Finny in September 1997.
God has immensely blessed their married life in the last 22 years.
On November 10 ,1998 God blessed this family by giving them their elder daughter Rebecca.
At present Rebecca is pursuing her BSc final year in college.
On November 7th,2001 God gave them their second daughter Tabitha. Tabitha is a 12 std student now.
Both Pastor Finny’s daughters actively help him in his ministry, fully utilising the various talents God has bestowed on them. Their affinity for music in particular, has enabled them to become talented worship leaders capable of leading worship.
Pastor Finny’s Wife Sheeba Finny is a powerful speaker. As she is well versed in the Hindi language, the Lord uses her to preach his Word in Hindi, in Arunachal Pradesh and various other parts of North India.
This family has been extremely fruitful in the Lord’s kingdom and has been very instrumental in its expansion.
The Lord enabled Pastor Finny to acquire a degree in law(LLB) from the ILS Law College in Pune, Maharashtra
Sister Sheeba Finny was enabled by the Lord to graduate from The New Theological College in Dehradun with degrees in theology and sociology.
Both of them have fully dedicated themselves to work full-time for the Lord

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